Application Process Begins Here!

Before Applying

There are multiple components of the Texas High School Aerospace Scholars application. Complete the following steps before beginning the application to be prepared for the application process.

Two student essays are required. Both of these essays will be uploaded into the application. (Do not mail.) Follow the linked tips and guidelines for each essay.

  1. Admission Essay - Review these tips.
  2. Letter to your Texas state legislator (Senator or Representative) - Follow these guidelines for writing this formal letter.

Educator recommendation letter promoting your course participation will be requested from an educator of your choice. The selected educator will upload the letter into the application.

  1. Ensure the email address of the recommending educator is correct.

Guidance Counselor Contact Information is needed to verify current high school enrollment status.

  1. Ensure current and correct high school guidance counselor contact information.

Next Step: Login to Apply

Once the above essays and contact information are ready, the application process will be smooth. Login and register to complete the application. NOTE: Save often - thirty (30) minutes of inactivity will end the session.

The application is closed at this time.

Confirmation Email

Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive the email, please email