Impactful Experience

Read what former Educators have shared about their experience:

James, San Antonio

"The overall experience far exceeded my initial expectations. The program is very well organized and structured, with the permanent staff giving excellent support and feedback through the week.

"The mentors I have worked with have been remarkable in the amount of time they volunteer to work with the students. They gave great information to the students and, in the event they didn't have the answer themselves, they knew someone by name that could help them.

"When the students come together, it does not take them long to realize they are cut from a similar cloth. Often self-describing 'nerds', they form strong bonds that last well after the week is over. I am continually amazed at the depth and quality they generate in their final presentation after just four days. Most impressive.

"One of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had as an educator."

Patti, Austin

"Working with the students at HAS is the highlight of my summer. It is a joy to work with motivated and enthusiastic students to team together for a mission to Mars. Each student brings talents to the table and it is awesome to see the creativity and leadership explode with the group!

"I love coming to HAS and learning what is going on at NASA and enjoy the friendship of other Educators from Texas. The staff at HAS makes this time so enjoyable. I love the Educators I work with and learn so much from them every year."

Bill, Port Neches

"To my fellow Educators, if you want one of the best and rewarding experiences of your teaching career, get involved with the HAS Program. In this program you will work with some of the most knowledgeable, hard-working, self-motivated students that the State Of Texas has to offer. During the week long experience, you will see a group of students become a team, tackling challenging problems, and coming up with ideas and solutions that are amazing and 'out in space'! At the same time, you the educator will be exposed to many unique experiences that only NASA has to offer."

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