Impactful Experience

Read what former Educators have shared about their experience:

Larry, Brady

"The HAS program has been such a positive influence on my career as an educator.  I have incorporated some of the challenges and parameters that HAS sets in its program into my own class projects. The ability to work and listen to the professionals at Johnson Space Center has given me a broader knowledge on several concepts related to science.  As an educator, it is refreshing to see the many ideas the students have, and how they all work together to formulate and create their final work from the various ideas.  I grew up like many of my generation with early aspirations of being an astronaut, only to find my calling in some other field.  My love for space and the NASA program has not changed, although my career choice did.  I will always be grateful for the chance to participate in the HAS program, because it has given me knowledge and experiences in a lifelong dream."

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