Impactful Experience

Read what former Educators have shared about their experience:

Pam, Wellington

"I can witness to the strength of the bonds between the students who participate in the summer portion of the program.  My daughter, as well as other students who have been ..."

Kisaundra, Amarillo

"HAS is something I look forward to every summer.  I enjoy working with and guiding the students in their week of a lifetime. The students that arrive to JSC continually impress me with ..."

Betty, Houston

"HAS the most awesome experience!  I have renewed my hopes for the future, meeting and working with the excellent, motivated and intelligent students in HAS.  It was my honor to ..."

Larry, Brady

"The HAS program has been such a positive influence on my career as an educator.  I have incorporated some of the challenges and parameters that HAS sets in its program into my own class ..."

Daniel, Kerrville

"My time with HAS was the best week of my summer. Getting to work with motivated, gifted students was such a joy. The week was well organized and the mentors were very helpful. The team ..."

Jay, Arlington

"It has to be the best week of almost no sleep that you are ever going to get. The best part has to be working with the best and the brightest of our students here in Texas. Watching ..."