High School Aerospace Scholars

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant must be:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Texas resident
  • High school junior
  • Interested and excited about science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
  • Committed to a one-year relationship with JSC, including a designated six-day onsite summer experience
  • Able to access to the Internet (home, school, or public library)

Complete the online application. Click here to apply!

  • September: State Legislators receive information describing the program, its guidelines, and outlining their roles in the selection process
  • September-October: Application and selection process for students
  • November-February: Students engage in interactive online learning and discussions related to space exploration, including webinars and online discussions with NASA engineers and scientists.
  • April-May: Selected students complete an online team building course with their teams to prepare for the onsite experience.
  • June-July: Onsite summer experience at JSC

Online: During the school year, you will complete an online course. This is a state-aligned S.T.E.M. curriculum focusing on Earth, Aeronautics, International Space Station, Journey to Mars, and the Solar System, and includes interactive lessons, rubric-based activities and quizzes.

Onsite: Selected students will be invited to further their state-aligned S.T.E.M. curriculum during a six-day residential summer experience at JSC. In this portion of the course you will collaboratively work with a student team to complete a Mars mission design challenge by working with NASA mentors, engaging in hands-on engineering challenges and visiting JSC facilities for the purpose of facilitating the teams’ Mars mission research.

There is no cost. The course is free to all participants. Selected students and counselors are provided transportation, housing and meals during their summer experience at JSC.

For questions not answered on the website, please contact us at jsc-aeroscho@mail.nasa.gov

You will receive an email from nasp@okstate.edu confirming the submission of your application. Your application is considered complete once we have received all of your supporting materials. You are notified by email notification as each item is received. Award notifications of acceptance to the online course will be sent in early November via email from nasp@okstate.edu

The legislative letter is written by you, addressed to your Texas state Representative or Senator. This letter is not to be mailed to your legislator; it is to be uploaded as part of your application. We will mail all the letters when the application closes. The purpose of this letter is to tell the legislator why you want to participate in the Texas High School Aerospace Scholars project by telling a little about yourself; i.e. hobbies, volunteer work (if applicable), etc. Specific application guidelines can be found within the Application tab.

Please do not contact your state legislator’s office. Once you have submitted your letter, our project office will forward your letter to the addressed legislator. We will communicate with the state legislators and coordinate the nomination process with each legislative office.

Please send an email to nasp@okstate.edu and be as specific as possible.

Upon successful completion of the online portion of the course, supporting documentation will be provided to students for a 0.5 Science elective credit. If students are selected and successfully complete the onsite summer experience, additional documentation will be provided for a second 0.5 Science elective credit. The elective credit documentation will be provided to the student, who is then responsible to submit the documentation to the school.

For both the online and onsite portions of the course, it is at the discretion of each student’s high school as to whether credit will be awarded.

For more information about the NASA High School Aerospace Scholars program, please email questions to jsc-aeroscho@mail.nasa.gov.