Online Experience

During the school year you will complete an online course which includes four modules, one per month. Interactive online lessons and activities related to space exploration, earth science, technology and aeronautics familiarize scholars with NASA's six themes of: Humans in Space, Moon to Mars, Earth, Space Technology, Flight, and Solar System and Beyond.

Course Overview

To discover the past, present and future of exploration on and off the Earth, students will complete four modules named after the stages of a Mars’ mission: Getting There, Discovering There, Living There and Working There. Within each Module there are 4 topics: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, each including interactive lessons focusing on Earth, Aeronautics, International Space Station, Journey to Mars, and the Solar System. Each topic culminates in a rubric-based activity and quiz.


During the course scholars participate with NASA engineers and scientists in online discussions. These online discussions focus on the centralized theme of space exploration and various related topics.

Science Credit

Each HAS assignment is aligned to the Scientific Research and Design course developed by the Texas Education Agency, and graded by certified Texas educators. Upon successful completion of the online portion of the course, supporting documentation will be provided to students’ schools for a 0.5 Science elective credit to be awarded to the student. If students are selected and successfully complete the onsite summer experience, additional documentation will be provided for a second 0.5 Science elective credit that may be awarded to the student.

Note: It is at the discretion of each student’s high school to award credit.